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To set firmly; implant; embed. To set at a particular level, degree, or quality. Close range cut.

Domain: Machine tools; Category: Bearings

Cut not fine, made up of large pieces. To erect or establish; set up. To set firmly; implant; embed.

Domain: Machine tools; Manufacturing; Mechanical equipment; Category: Bearings; Engineering; Technical Terms-General

A unit of power equal in the United States to 746 watts and nearly equivalent to the English gravitational unit of the same name that equals 550 foot-pounds of work per second. Effective power.

Domain: Translation & localization; Category: Consumer shows

A small usually thin and flat piece. A place where a small piece of something has broken off. A tight curved or spiral shape chip.

Domain: Machine tools; Mechanical equipment; Category: Bearings; Technical Terms-General

For Engineering / General Engineering. A piece of metal or other material that is in the process of being worked on or made or has actually been cut or shaped by a hand tool or machine.

Domain: Machine tools; Manufacturing; Category: Bearings; Engineering

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