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Most common cause of dementia in older adults; a neurodegenerative disease characterized by the gradual loss of cognitive ability in association with the neuropathological findings of abnormal ...

Domain: Medical; Category: Illness

Intense and involuntary contraction of the muscles of the body, of pathological origin.

Domain: Medical; Category: Illness

Lack, loss or cessation of movement.

Domain: Medical; Category: Illness

Lack of awareness of or indifference to one's own neurological deficit, seen with nondominant parietal lobe lesions.

Domain: Health care; Category: Medicine

Loss of sense of smell(Medicine / Pathology) Pathol loss of the sense of smell, usually as the result of a lesion of the olfactory nerve, disease in another organ or part, or obstruction of the nasal ...

Domain: Medical; Category: Medicine

Aprosencephaly CNS malformation involving failure of closure of the cephalic end of the neural tube, resulting in absence of the forebrain and cerebrum; rudimentary brainstem may be present so that ...

Domain: Health care; Category: Medicine

Lou Gehrig's disease inexorably progressive and fatal disease of unknown cause characterized by slowly progressive degeneration of upper and lower motor neurons.

Domain: Health care; Category: Medicine

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